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we all seek to unlock the unimaginable and solve the impossible… satya nadella

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people ignore design that ignores people

three key parameters that define a successful product or service: they are: desirability, feasibility, and viability., design thinking. empathy is crucial to success. empathise


people ignore design that ignores people, frank chimero

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blockchain revolution …. nature helps us to understand this trust protocol

starlings come in something called murmuration (murmuration refers to the murmuring of the wings of the birds)

the murmuration has a function : the collective power of the little birds chasing way the peril , the hawk predator

there’s leadership

but there’s no one leader

when the moment is right , magic happens


is this some kind of a fanciful analogy ? or can we learn something from it ?


this is the trust protocol in nature

we can apply this to humans

it functions according to the principles of trust; 

it’s a  massive collaboration

trust is not achieved by intermediaries, there’s no intermediary there (murmuration of  starlings)

it’s achieved by cryptography and by code, in the dna of the birds




do you know where leadership comes from? it can come from anywhere, don tapscott

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persiana de reis

y cuando llueve no es que llueve, es que dios aprende  a llorar

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la misma gente

la misma gente,   es mas que un trio de rock-‘n’-roll!!  nojoda ….


la cancion sin terminar 


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… highway to hell

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shibboleth, any custom or tradition, particularly a speech pattern, that distinguishes one group of people from others.

shibboleths have been used throughout history in many societies as simple ways to maintain traditional segregations or to keep out perceived threats.

shibboleths are a common feature of human culture and conflict. tourists in downtown manhattan quickly out themselves if they pronounce houston street like the city in texas

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