humanitys last game?


between ‘finite’ and ‘infinite’ games


“(…) Infinite games are corrupted by inappropriate finite play. Governance (infinite) is disabled when factional combat (finite) becomes the whole point instead of providing helpful debate and alternation of power. Cultures (infinite) perish when one culture seeks to eradicate another. Nature (infinite) is dangerously disrupted when commercial competition (finite) lays waste to natural cycles. Finite games flourish within infinite games, but they must not displace them, or all the games are over.” ( Stewart Brand).

(…) “the finite board game he has buried in the desert is ultimately intended to be the simple starting point for the infinite game of long term thinking.” (…)


About perspectives

uma entre mais de sete biliões de criaturas humanas do planeta Terra... "tenho apenas as minhas perplexidades para vos oferecer. " jorge luis borges "o que é o tempo? se não me perguntarem o que é o tempo, eu sei. se me perguntarem o que é, então não sei" santo agostinho.
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