“I can’t believe that humans are the end of the story.”

Can we prevent the end of the world?;  What’s the worst thing that could possibly happen?”

(6 min.)

Martin Rees: Can we prevent the end of the world? TED2014

In this century, not only has science changed the world faster than ever, but in new and different ways. Targeted drugs, genetic modification, artificial intelligence, perhaps even implants into our brains — may change human beings themselves.

I can’t believe that humans are the end of the story. It is five billion years before the sun flares up, and the universe may go on forever, so post-human evolution, here on Earth and far beyond, could be as prolonged as the Darwinian process that’s led to us, and even more wonderful. And indeed, future evolution will happen much faster, on a technological timescale, not a natural selection timescale.

a quote from a great scientist called Peter Medawar. I quote, “The bells that toll for mankind are like the bells of Alpine cattle. They are attached to our own necks, and it must be our fault if they do not make a tuneful and melodious sound.”

Martin Rees, TED2014

Sir Martin Rees



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