let’s talk trash


Ideas and actions to save the sea from plastics: I reclycle my laundry detergent packages into vases for flowers and aromatic herbs for my kitchen and my friends kitchens.

This idea impacts (moustly) diddly-point-squat, but I  like to think of it as my drop of water on this fire that is our planet sea solution by plastics packages

Home plastic packages are not so hard to recycle;
It’s fun to reinvent, reshaping and coloring old laundry detergent packages , one package at a time,  and give then new purpose.

I’m so tired of laundry detergent packages! I’m have this dream of creating a corporation to  deliver laundry (and other) detergents by tube installed in every home , as if laundry and, all other detergent were like natural gas and, simultaneously, invite every plastics manufacturer to include a drawing suggesting its future …

I’m just like the bird that trys to put out a fire with drops of water … this habit makes me feel that i’m doing my part …
For those of you who don”t know the story:

Once upon a time there was an elephant and a bird and they lived in a forest
One day there was a big fire; The story tells that the desperate animals began to flee from the fire that threatened them from all sides … but a bird and an elephant, and some other animals  did not flee; they stayed and tried  to out to put out the fire each in its own way: the elephant tried to help out pouring jets water with his great trunk and the bird pouring drops of water with his little beak.
At a time, when they met together on the water’s edge and the elephant asked the bird: 
 -‘ little bird, what difference do you think you’re making ? do you think those little drops of water that you carry in your beak make a difference on putting out this big fire ? 
The bird replied:

– ‘my beak compared to your trunk is indeed insignificant, but I am doing my part, and if we all do our part …’ 


About perspectives

uma entre mais de sete biliões de criaturas humanas do planeta Terra... "tenho apenas as minhas perplexidades para vos oferecer. " jorge luis borges "o que é o tempo? se não me perguntarem o que é o tempo, eu sei. se me perguntarem o que é, então não sei" santo agostinho.
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